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FCEFCU Loans and Lending Services

FCEFCU does numerous types of consumer lending. Our lending rates are merit-based. There are no prepayment penalties or hidden costs in our loan agreements. Both secured and unsecured consumer loans are available to members for low, competitive rates.

FCEFCU has the auto loan you need at the rate you want.

  • auto loans from FCEFCUNew, used or refinance
  • Up to 100% financing, including license and fees
  • Terms up to 84
  • Cars, Vans, Trucks, SUVs, and Motorcycles

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Route 66 Extended Warranty

Get an extended warranty on your vehicle for 30-50% less than offered at the dealers. Go to www.Route66Warranty.com for details.

FCEFCU is a great place to refinance your home loan, take out a second mortgage, or apply for a home equity loan. Brian and his staff will process your loan in-house, and it will NEVER be sold to an outside, for-profit corporation. Call today and find out more about how FCEFCU can help you!

FCEFCU home loan services include:

  • Mortgage Loans from FCEFCUBuy or refinance
  • A variety of loan options
  • Low closing costs
  • Second home financing
  • Home equity loans
  • Real estate loans

At this time, you cannot apply online for a home mortgage. Contact Brian to help walk you through the mortgage process at 651.282.8881 or send him an email.

FCEFCU Student Loans

Get money for school from Sallie Mae®

Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate student, or parent, student loans from FCEFCU in partnership with Sallie Mae® could help!
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FCEFCU has the loan you need! Whether you’re looking for new/used or secured/unsecured, we are here to help. FCEFCU offers:

  • Miscellaneous Loans from FCEFCUBoat loans
  • Motorcycle loans
  • Snowmobile & ATV loans
  • Camper & RV loans
  • Line of credit
  • Personal loans
  • …and more!

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Loan Rates
Effective April 1, 2021

Save to the Max on Select* Loans!

Reduce your loan rate up to 1/2% by meeting two of the following criteria:

• Credit Score over 735 – 0.25% discount
• Loan / Value of 80% or less – 0.25% discount
• Automatic Payroll Deduction – 0.25% discount
• New Member – 0.25% discount

*Applicants are subject to normal credit guidelines.
“Save to the Max” discounts do not apply to Real Estate loans, nor are they available for credit scores under 700.
No other loan discounts apply.

Secured Loans including Autos, Trucks, Boats and RVs

Model Years


Annual Percentage Rate

w/ Max Discount

NEW 2021 or 2020 (less than 7,500 miles)Up to 60 months2.99%2.49%
72 months3.49%2.99%
84 months4.29%3.79%
2021, 2020, and 2019Up to 48 months2.99%2.49%
60 months3.29%2.79%
72 months3.79%3.29%
84 months4.49%3.99%
120 months4.99%4.49%
  2018, 2017, and 2016Up to 48 months3.79%3.29%
60 months4.09%3.59%
72 months, ($35K Min)4.49%3.99%
2015 and olderUp to 48 months4.49%3.99%
60 months4.99%4.49%

Secured Loans including Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Trailers, and ATVs

Model Years


Annual Percentage Rate*

w/ Max Discount

2021, 2020, and 2019Up to 48 months3.99%3.49%
60 months4.29%3.79%
72 months4.69%4.19%
2018 or olderUp to 48 months5.29%4.79%

Secured Loans – Miscellaneous Security

Model Years


Annual Percentage Rate*

w/ Max Discount

2019 or NewerUp to 60 months4.99%4.49%
2018 or OlderUp to 48 months5.49%4.99%

Unsecured Loans


Annual Percentage Rate*

w/ Max Discount

Up to 36 months6.20%5.20% LOAN SALE
Up to 60 months7.20%6.20% LOAN SALE
*a credit score of 750 or better required for 60-month term; a credit score of 730 or better required for 48-month term

Fixed/Variable Rate Real Estate and Home Equity Lines of Credit Available

Fixed Real Estate (based on 80% Loan/Value)

Fixed term and fixed rate up to 7 years – 3.25% APR*
Fixed term and fixed rate for up to 10 years – 3.45% APR*
Fixed term and fixed rate for up to 15 years – 3.95% APR*
Longer amortizations available up to 15 years with a balloon payment in 7 years or less – 3.45% APR*

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Home Equity Line of Credit – variable rate set at the prime rate with a minimum base rate of 3.50% APR*.
10-year draw period with a required repayment amortization of 12 years.

Contact Brian for information on rates, terms, and costs at 651.282.8881 or send him an email.

*Applicants are subject to normal credit guidelines.

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without notice.

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